A Propos

Vous voulez savoir quelles options sont disponibles sur le marché pour aider votre organisation, mais avec autant de technologie et de choix, il est difficile de savoir par où commencer ou quelles options choisir. Voilà où nous pouvons vous aider.  


 Le Besoin

CBTel was created out of the need for Canadians to have more options for their internet, voice and data services. Canadians pay some of the highest fees in the world for their telecommunication services and sometimes have only limited options available to them. Canadians are looking for more options when it comes to price, products, and access to services, such as high-speed internet. We intend to help by providing better options and services, with competitive pricing, for both commercial and residential customers. We will seek to understand your desired outcome so that our solutions can make it a reality. And more importantly, we understand that we must first earn your trust before we can earn your business. 


Le paradoxe

Vous voulez plus de choix, mais plus de choix peuvent être insurmontables. Vous voulez également une technologie améliorée, mais plus de technologie peut être intimidante et déroutante. Vous savez que vous devez vous adapter aux changements dans votre monde professionnel et dans votre environnement domestique, mais quelles options choisir et comment trouver les meilleures solutions? La recherche sur le marché peut être longue et frustrante. CBTel will look at providing solutions that will actually fix the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms of the problem.


La peur du changement

Many people fear the consequences of making a bad purchase decision and so they stay with a current service that may be less than satisfactory. CBTel will determine your points-of-pain and identify your areas of greatest concern so that our solution will provide you with reassurance. The goal is to provide you with cost-effective solutions that can save you money, without compromising your operations.


Better options mean Better solutions with Better outcomes.