Internet Packages


Business High-Speed Internet 


*All Internet packages include unlimited data transfer, static IP addresses and around-the-clock managed monitoring




Wireless Broadband Internet for Business


Ideal for locations with slow or poor wireline internet service (e.g. DSL) and for organizations looking for back-up/redundancy internet that is cheaper than fiber and more robust than mobile/cellular service. 









Rural & Remote Area Broadband Internet 

Rural Ethernet Communications Outreach Network


R.E.C.O.N. (Rural Ethernet Communication Outreach Network) is our initiative to provide high-speed internet access and internet services to rural and remote areas in Ontario and Quebec.

Every community deserves affordable access to high-speed broadband internet, regardless of its size or location. CBTel is working with it’s partners to push forward on our program to build and deliver critical broadband infrastructure to communities in central/northern Ontario and Quebec, that currently have poor or no internet access.

We would like to work with municipalities and organizations that are looking for options to bring high-speed internet access to their communities and are striving to improve their communications infrastructure. Working together, we can find a solution that works for you and your community…